Driven by the momentum and success of 3a in Malta, 3a Global was a natural development for this budding firm which needed to branch out to meet the exigencies of a growing international clientele.

3a Global is instituted as a fully-fledged association set up and registered in Malta with the scope of acting as the co-ordinator of 3a’s international accountancy services network.

3a Global seeks to expand connections by bringing affiliates who are based in various locations on board, who will avail of the structure provided and who can also benefit others by offering their services.

There are many benefits and advantages for 3a Global members, affiliates and their clients. To begin with, clients are offered a wide array of services by internationally located professional providers; additionally, the Association can liaise with a foreign sub-contractor on its clients’ behalf in order to facilitate networking and enable ease and efficiency of business procedures. This is also useful in locating and providing setup and operational structures that may not be available in one’s current business domicile. Other advantages include better fees, a holistic service, and forming part of a network which facilitates getting in touch with other corporate service providers to form alliances, in this way providing maximal exposure and generating a lucrative structure for affiliates.