Mission Statement

3a’s vision is to become a leading professional services provider worldwide, and to achieve this, 3a invests in top HR assets and the latest knowledge sharing technologies and infrastructure.

At 3a Global, we commit ourselves to understanding our clients’ needs, by providing them with multidisciplinary resources and delivering a sterling service in full compliance with regulatory structures and quality standards.

At 3a Global we seek to stand out through our focus on building durable relationships between our team of talented professionals and esteemed business clients.


- 3a Global operates on the sound principles of:

•    Added value – The 3a approach is one that values each individual client. We endeavour to continually develop unique customised service solutions to assist clients in the best possible manner. Additionally 3a aims to exercise agility and efficiency in its response, as well as provide quality assistance across all of its service sectors.    
•    Commitment to employees – We consider our employees to be our most important asset – each contributing to the value and success of both our firm and its clientele. At 3a global we support initiative and innovation, and are committed to development and knowledge sharing, continued education, participation and feedback, and a positively balanced environment and lifestyle that extend beyond the workplace.
•    Ethics and integrity – At 3a we always seek to operate in an ethical and professional manner. All of our team players uphold the utmost honesty, confidentiality and correctness in their approach.
•    Social responsibility – At 3a Global we assume responsibility for all our services and their impact on our clients, employees, shareholders, as well as the community and the environment where we operate.


The 3a Global Network Association continually works to increase the volume and scope of its global community by bringing together affiliates who will avail of the provided services structure and membership benefits, and who can also benefit others through their own service offering. The association aims to act as a network facilitator to continually increase connections, quality of service and provide numerous advantages for its professional members.

With a vision to consolidate our network whilst ensuring service excellence, agility of operation and a comprehensive service offering, at 3a Global we uphold the following values follow link