Membership Criteria & Process

- Joining 3a Global

The application process for becoming a member of 3a Global requires rigorous evaluation of the prospective member firm to ascertain whether it meets the required criteria.There are two types of memberships, namely the 3a Global Associate Member and the 3a Global Full Member.

A new member must first satisfy the criteria specified below to become an Associate Member. Associate Members may be admitted as Full Members if they satisfy relevant criteria as Full Member and be accepted as such by the General Meeting.

It is understood that both types of members of the Association are considered as beneficiaries of the same Association, due to the fact that they are ultimately benefitting from the operation of the Association.

Any applicant firm who wishes to join the 3a Global Network must become a part of this Association and sign the deed of adherence. The prospective firm’s application is subject to review and recommendation by 3a Global’s Board of Directors. Upon approval, the candidate firm will undergo a due diligence process, which entails an inspection visit to the firm by the 3a secretariat for further assessment of its management and practice areas, governance and clientele. Once membership has been granted, the relevant documentation is prepared, followed by the signing of the Deed of Adherence and payment of the membership fee, which is to be renewed yearly.

In order for an associate member to qualify for full membership, additional criteria apply. These necessitate a one-year period of associate membership; approval of the firm’s implementation of the 3a Quality Management System; being part of a body or institution that is duly recognised and approved by the 3a Global Board of Directors; and the provision of at least one service type among tax advisory, accounting or assurance services.

The 3a Global Network, may itself, work to attract new members to join the network in order to broaden its territorial reach.


- How does one qualify to become a member of 3a Global?

A prospective member may only qualify to become an associate member, if the said organisation undertakes any of the following professional services:

(a) Accounting
(b) Assurance
(c) Advisory
(d) Corporate Services
(e) Fiduciary / Trust Services
(f)  Legal
(g) Taxation.

Furthermore, provided that the organisation and the relative Due Diligence documentation pertaining to such, be subject to a review from the Board of the Association after a visit to the prospective member by the 3a secretariat.

In order for an associate member to qualify for full membership, such associate member must satisfy the following criteria:

1) Be an associate member for at least one year;

2) Implement the Quality Management System to the satisfaction of the Board of the
    Association and have its practices in line with those of the network;

3) Be part of an approved body or institution duly recognised
    and approved of by the Board of the Association;

4) Provide at least any one of the following professional services:

  • Tax advisory;
  • Accounting services;
  • Assurance

A Member shall cease to be recognised as a member and henceforth lose all benefits from the Association, in the following cases:

a)    If the member does not pay any of the membership fees;
b)    If the member is declared bankrupt or is put into liquidation;
c)    If the member stops for any reason whatsoever from practicing as a firm engaged in any of the core practices of the 3a network.

If the member or any of its partners & directors is found guilty of or censored for actions that damage the reputation and best interest of the network, there shall be a ‘Disciplinary Committee’ organised, made up of the Chair Person of the Board of Administrators and the Secretary of the same Board, together with an independent third party nominated by the Board, who will review the case of the member and decide as to whether such member should cease to be recognised or not.

Members shall not sell, charge, transfer or otherwise deal with its interest in the Association in any manner. In such an occurrence, the Association reserves the right to terminate the rights of the beneficiary in relation to the Association and hold the beneficiary liable for any loss or damages caused through such sale, charge, transfer or dealings.

Members shall not disclose any information to third parties in relation to the Association unless consent has been previously sought from the Board of Administrators and such consent has been granted.

- Rights of 3a Global Professional Network Membership

The Member Firm shall be the ultimate beneficiary of the operation of the Association, thus including the exclusive use of the 3a Brand and of the Quality Management System, which have both been secured for all member firms. Upon the signing of this Deed, the Member Firm shall be authorised, for the whole duration of the term of this Deed, to use the word and graphic brand name “3a Global Network”.

Apart from the above mentioned rights, the Member Firm as an Associate/Full Member, shall have access to a state of the art IT Infrastructure inclusive of 3a Knowledge Share database; a website set up and maintained and the access of an array of tools to enable the firm’s marketing and to exploit networking opportunities