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- Providing trust and fiduciary solutions to clients worldwide

As part of 3a Global’s international trust and fiduciary service offering, member firms can assist high net worth individuals with the complexities of wealth management. Our fiduciary firms possess expert understanding of the varied structures available internationally and which one can avail of. To help clients meet their financial objectives, 3a Global consultant affiliates can advise on as well as design and set up international trusts or other fiduciary solutions that are tailored to suit particular needs and objectives. Our goal is to help clients overcome wealth management and distribution challenges while providing practical advice on how to preserve and maximise assets for the long term. 3a trust and fiduciary service providers within 3a’s Global Network are experienced in:

    1. Trust structuring, implementation & administration
    2. Foundations
    3. Mitigation of tax liabilities
    4. Full trusts
    5. Charitable trusts
    6. International private investment companies
    7. Insurance owned by a fiduciary structure